Personal Investment

Wow man!! Busy Busy.
Nervously busy.
Starting things. Finishing them.
Starting the next things.

It’s intense but at the end of the day its all about personal investment. So this blog is all about personal investment.

Do you ever think about investing? You’ve probably looked at putting some money into the stock market, maybe done some currency trading or maybe you own a house. But have you ever taken the time to think about a long term investment plan for yourself?

Things like education, skills or experience are all things that can be learned over periods of time and have an impact on your own net worth. For example, if you learned another language, maybe you could expand the company you work for in an overseas market (maybe a little over zealous but think big).

Skills go hand in hand with education. First you learn skills. Then you master them. Then you teach them. Learning a martial art or how to play an instrument are all skills that will up your net worth by making people want to hire you to give private lessons for a son who wants to learn karate or tenor sax.

If you can learn to share an experience properly, people will pay you to teach them anything you have ever learned.

Most importantly, these are things that nobody can take away from you. You could lose your job, but you can’t forget how to play a saxaphone. If you’ve won a bi athalon, the public can forget, but you still have the experience of crossing the finish line first. And the more of these skills, wisdom and education you have the better suited you are to always be employed doing what you love.

On a side note, I really beleive that we should all take some time out of life to really deal with issues we have in our life. Whatever things you have in your crazy hectic life right now, find solutions for them.
And deal with them.
Put them on the shelf.

The more we care for ourselves, the more we care for each other.

Holler at me if you need it broken down further.

Dubber Lang

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