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In all of my random blogging, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that I am a Youth Worker. My record label is in the process of providing different workshops for all ages of youth. So here is a little post about the kids I have worked with, the kids I want to work with and some of my objectives.
The youngest age group I have worked with thus far is 5 years to 8 years. The object of the workshops is to provide kids with a hands on, interactive demonstration of recording, sampling and making sound art. I use the term sound art because it’s a loose term that helps us more realistically hit our goal of creating something. It’s so much easier to create “good” art vs. “good” hip hop. So the first week I worked with the kids we did some recording of random vocal sounds like beat boxing sounds, kids names etc. We also recorded sounds of toy’s and other things found around the facility (After school care). The sounds we captured were cutting scissors, wood blocks hitting each other, a deck of cards being pulled back (fanned?) and pencil drumstick rhythms on the table. The second week we took all these sounds (I had mapped them out on a midi controller) and made different percussion tracks and then added some VST instruments. It’s cool to see the kids with a musical aptitude light up when their fingers hit the keys. IT’s also really interesting to see the kids who have a musical aptituse but have nevr really had a chance to play music light up too. That’s when i feel like im doing a valuable community service.
The second age group I have worked the most with is 10 years to 12 years. These kids really get into making beats. I have had a couple of students that tapped right into their inner artist. They had a very distinct idea of sounds and rythyms they liked and would only call for help when they wanted to move forward with things like a new instrument or drum loop. I felt my six students got a great chance to explore sound design and some of the fundamentals of making music. The biggest thing I took from these workshops were some fine tuning details and how to make this workshop easier and more productive for the kids. Who figured I would be writing manuals and how to guides? Unfortunately, most of the kids (all ages) don’t have the money to invest in them selves and get some more courses. Beat making for kids is a pretty small course though, I’m probably the only one teaching kids this stuff.
Either way, it is my goal to keep entertaining kids and youth with these workshops. I also want to run some summer courses for local youth to further their own studies in the discipline of making music.
I like to keep my blogs short, so I will continue this blog next week and talk about the workshops I’m offering for teens and how I plan to inspire youth to express themselves through artistic expression.

Until then, #2sedins1cup !!!!!!!!

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