New Single Dad Blog

Welcome to my new Single Dad Blog. The best way to introduce this blog I think is to tell you a little something about what this blog should and shouldn’t be used for.

This blog will be used by me to share my parenting experiences with the general public. It will NOT be about the other parent. This is not a blog to rag on deadbeat Moms. We know they are out there, but as a role model and leader in the community, I encourage single Dads to focus on what really matters. Themselves and their own relationship with thier children. I will be sharing experiences with responsibility and discipline, systemic education, parenting skills and life lessons and some of the fun activities I do with my son.

Which brings me to this little guy. The light of my life, the apple of my eye. Can you see the resemblance? He is getting big these days, and the conversations I have with him are extremely amazing. He is destined to be a great artist. Both of his parents are. It is only natural. He does have a good eye for photography and we will probably be posting some of his newer photos he has been taking.

Our next adventure will only take us as far as the next Nucks game (#2sedins1cup) but in between playoff hockey, karate club, community dinners and this new Iron Man Movie poppin off I dont even know if I will make it back to the blog this week! I should be okay because most of you are reading this in hindsight anyways. So may the Canucks take the Hawks in game 3 and give me a chance to get at you next week.

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