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      As most single dads do when going to court, I have been second guessing myself a lot lately. So I’ve decided to be democratic about things and put my thoughts to the test. Basically, in my battle, I have to go back to court to prove that I need more QUALITY time with my son.
     So this blog posting is going to be more of a poll. It doesn’t take much to understand how much of a shitty deal im getting. So here is the custody arrangement that I agreed to uner extreme pressure from my (now fired) lawyer.

      During the school year, I get my son Monday after school to Friday before school. I also get him one weekend a month. So every month during the school year I get to have my boy 19 days. I also get my son for two weeks out of the summer which is another 14 days.
      My ex gets our son three weekends out of the month, every stat holiday and every Pro D Day. She also gets Isaiah from July 1st to August 31st inclusively with the exception of my two weeks.
We alternate Christmas and holidays and try to make that work the best we can.
So who do you think gets more quality time with our son? (Please feel free to leave a comment!)

Who gets more quality time with the Child
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