Father F*$&ing Theresa

I’ve always felt really close to Jesus, but I knew in my heart that the Jesus I knew was different then the Jesus I learned about my years as a baptist.

When I turned 33, I joked about trying to outlive Jesus (who died at 33….) but also trying to live my life like the Jesus I knew and who I understood him to be.

As many alias’ that I have, one is Father F*****G Theresa, because I enjoy giving and helping out in any situation I can, and often I find myself in the position to help people. Sometimes its diffusing a potentially violent situation using my security guard experience, other times it’s picking up hitch hikers. Not only do I enjoy being a part of these situations but I enjoy sharing them with people in order to encourage acts of kindness.

I do enjoy the ego stroke but ultimately it feeds a good purpose.

That being said, I was amazed this weekend to have been the avenue in which people have been able to receive things. The random VGA cable a not often talked to friend needed was one thing (and that I was able to get it to him within the hour) but another thing happened that was truly awe inspiring.

About two weeks ago, one of the parents whose children I work with had told me that she needed a computer for her son to do homework on. I told her that I would keep an eye out for one as such things tend to wander in and out of my life. Just yesterday, someone close to me had an extra computer in their house that wasn’t regularly there so I asked what the extra was for.

“We are going to donate it to someone who needs it.”

I replied, “Would it be weird if I said I had a possible family for it to go to? A family who truly needs and deserves a good deed like this to come their way and had actually put the call out for a computer to do homework on.”

They replied, “SURE.”

The best part of this story is that I haven’t even gotten a chance to tell the family that their prayer has been answered (they are devout catholics) yet. I will see the Mom tomorrow and will let her know, I am already immensely happy and thankful for her.

Sometimes Karmic things happen to you, sometimes they happen through you. When you submit to the higher power/calling of love you understand that sometimes you can help answer prayers regardless of who the God is. I am humbled and blessed to be a part of the master plan and have no choice but to submit myself back to the essence of the universe today – LOVE.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story. I love you all and hope you have the same amazing time in life that I am having!! (Thats why I love to invite you out to house parties…………share, love, live and bless.)

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