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It occurred to me the other day that no matter how hard I try to focus and write some blog posts, there is always something that takes priority and I end up not writing and putting it off for another day. The phrase, “Life always seems to get in the way.” rings very true right now. Since I am trying to teach my son how to be a solutions person, I sat back and thought for a little while and decided to blog about the things that are keeping me too busy to write. So my first blog post of the year will be about my comic book collection.


I started collecting comics briefly in high school. My best friend and I had found brand new publisher called Impact Comics and had put out a series called “The Fly.” It was about a teenage boy who had been given an amulet that allowed him to transform into the hero he had just created as part of a school project. There were a few other titles from the publisher such as Jaguar, Fireball, Shield and the Black Hood that piqued my interest but I didn’t have the money to keep the collection going very strong. My main titles were The Fly and Black Hood but as the series progressed I couldn’t keep up with the responsibility of buying monthly issues. (I know – it’s not really that much responsibility – I was 14…….) I kinda fell out of love with them for a while because I couldn’t afford them.

Fast forward 20 years and now I make some decent bank. I’ve been an avid star wars fan all my life and I when I heard the lastest Darth Vader comic was reclaiming the badass character that he was before the prequels ruined him, I was definitely interested. I think I got into the series about Issue #13 and I was hooked. But that was just the door to the rabbit hole. Once I got into my local comic shop, I saw some of the Marvel hip hop variant covers, reimagined hip hop album covers with superhero twists. Howard the Duck vs. Ol’ Dirty Bastard? Luke Cage and Power Man vs. Mobb Deep? It was too dope so I got a bunch of those. Rolled through the He-Man section and saw what they had there and picked up a He-Man vs. Thunder Cats series. I was hooked liked a kid in a candy store.
Besides the Darth Vader series I have been collecting a few other series such as Moon Knight, He-Man vs. The Thundercats,  the Star Wars action figure series and the All New Wolverine (spoiler: it’s a woman. And she is awesome.) I also started collecting Red Wolf with my son who has indigenous blood on his mom’s side. Red Wolf #1 was released as a hip hop variant mashed up with Method Man’s Tical album.
Now I’ve found out about variant covers and collecting. I’ve met with some other folk who collect comics for love and money. I’ve realized that the $5 – $100 that I’ve been shelling out per issue can mature quickly depending on artists, storyline and popularity. Autographs don’t hurt either. I’m doing something I love that I can turn into small and mediocre gains financially. It’s something I intend to do with this blog. I would love to be able to share valuable dad lessons, buy, sell and trade comics, sell beats and earn money from music instead of having this 9 – 5 that is slowly killing me. But for know I have to focus on small gains. It’s one of my core values for the New Year. 


Every Friday I head over to Taz comics and check out my subscriptions, see what has come in or what new variant covers are coming out. Then head home and find autographed comics or check auctions online and see what other good stuff I can get my hands on. And then when I’m exhausted from looking and searching I ask myself, “When am I ever going to have time to write a blog?”


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