The summer so far

Welcome Back!

Yo readers, how have you been? Busy like me? I hope so. How does the saying go, “If your not gonna get busy living, you should get busy dying!” My boy and I have been enjoying the summer and I have been focusing on some of my other businesses. I have also trying to get as much social time irl as possible with friends and acquaintances.

My Boy and I

So far we’ve seen Spider Man and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 which were every bit as good as they should have been. He took a Social Studies completion course to get a head start on the 17/18 school year (Good Choices!!). We hit up UNIVRS VR Lounge in Richmond and we can’t wait to go back to the gun range. Next up is binge watching the rest of The Defenders!!

My Businesses

Part of my East Van Single Dad blog is going to be about my hustle and grind. I work a (4 days x 10 hour shifts) day job, make a bunch of music, facilitate kids workshops and have recently started a wedding day coordination business. I had an online T-shirt business but I lost it to my rap alter ego Doug Tree in a card game. He also got my imaginary dog. It’s a very long story.

Social Times with Friends and Family

If I don’t book time with my son in advance, he always finds some homies to kick it with. He’s too cool for me these days. So I take the free time and do the same. These days all my friends have jobs and kids and wives so lining up some face time can be difficult. I have some property roughly 5 hours away from Vancouver close to a little town called 100 mile house. Me and the homies have been ripping up there for a weekend whenever we can. Im putting a lot more energy into going to shows and performing these days as well so I get to see lots of homies at shows.

Dont forget the important people!

With all of this going on, it’s hard to find time to see your close loved ones except for Family functions. Slip in some phone time with Mom, Mom-in-Law, brothers, cousins and try to find a time or place to kick it. I would love to hear from my readers to find out what your summers been like. Feel free to leave some comments and/or suggestions for me.

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