My ambitions as a father

My dream is to live in this house a couple of weeks out of every year.

My Dream House

My future home

It’s the reason why I have a day job, 2 businesses and a lifestyle blog. Soon I will phase out the day job and be self employed full time. The goal is to be writing and performing music, facilitating youth hip hop workshops, making sure weddings run smooth as your wedding day consigliere and run my blog.

Regardless of what task I’m doing, my main goal is to always increase the quality of life of the people around me.
When I write music, I try to write songs that people can relate to. Music has the power to heal and I want it to heal all of us.
As your wedding day consigliere with 2nd Best Man my job is to ensure your wedding day is stress free and amazing.
The goal of this blog is to encourage, inspire and provide resources for single dads. I want to add value to the lives of the men around me and help everyone step their game up. I really do enjoy giving, it ‘s one of the things that makes me tick.

I’m going to be working extremely hard ┬áto make the jump to self employment and move into the dream house you see above. I would really like you to join me on the journey because I know that I can only be as good as the company I keep – and if you are interested in setting some goals and trying like hell to achieve them then me and you need to get to know each other.


I would love to hear from you, send me an email and tell me a few of your short term and/or long term goals.

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