The 7 Hustles of Harley Rose – The next chapter

I want to send a big shout out to everyone that watched the first ten episodes but especially the tenth episode. My previous streams had not gotten above 75 views and for episode 10 I really wanted to knock it out of the park. So I ran a little contest and told viewers that if they shared the livestream they could be entered into a draw to win four tickets to our Commercial Drive Whisky Tour. After people started to share the stream we ended up with over 200 viewers on Friday and over 500 by the time I wrote this.

So thanks again to everybody that shared the stream and got my show to over 500 views. Episodes 1 – 10 were a huge learning experience and I can’t wait to focus on episodes 11 – 20! With that being said I did want to share some of the new things I would like to bring to the show by the end of the 20th episode.

1. Prerecorded segments
Im not sure how to implement this, if this will go directly into the livestream or if I will just upload them onto the youtube channel and let people know about the segments during the show. I will definitely be creating more content for the show outside of my living room. Most of them will focus around my different hustles and will feature other homies that have some vested interest or partnership with me. I have been doing movie and TV show reviews with my son (Hustle #2) and have uploaded a few of those to the youtube channel.

2. Cohosts
I have already recorded a B-side to Episode 7 with my man Aye1. We chopped it up and talked about Anthony’s hustles – the dude is damn near close to me in the amount of shit on his plate right now. We got some things in the works right now for shows and rap projects too.¬† I would love to have people join me on the livestream too – always room for more peeps.

3. Graphics
I tried adding some graphics at about Episode 5 and it just came out all choppy. It was super unfortunate. I’m going to need a new computer sooner than later and I’m going to be full time self employed in 2 months. So you will hear me talking about needing to sell some tracks real quick to get that money!!

4. Excitement
I know that me just rambling on is not all that exciting, so I do plan to mix it up with cohosts, graphics, prerecorded segments and more social media interaction. I really want to add some more contests as well. I love giving away free shit all the time.

5. Mailing list
This week I have got my email list up and running so if you want to test that feature out, you can slip your email into the box, just on the right hand side of the post and stay tuned for exclusive contests, giveaways and prize packs.

SO please don’t forget to head over to the youtube channel, and subscribe (help me get my numbers up) and check out any of the episodes or segments you might have missed. And of course, Thank You so much for even checking out my shit in the first place.

Word to your mother,

East Van Single Dad.
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