Big life changes!!

Whats up fam? It’s been a little while since I have written a blog post because I am usually so busy with social media, business admin and life that I forgot to keep writing blogs! There are a lot of big changes to talk about too so here it goes.


Yeah, life can be a huge fucking downer sometimes. And this past March I lost my mom. She worked super hard all of her life and gave everything she ever could to me. It’s pretty intense to reflect on my relationship with my Mom right now because my son and I are going through similar experiences as my Mom and I at that age. The terrible teenage years – more on that down below.

As the son of a single parent, my Mom meant the world to me. She was my confidant, my mentor and my role model. I wasn’t the model son for 30 years but when I had my own child, everything began to sink in. I realized how much work she was putting in and what it meant to be a coparent. I worked damn hard on rebuilding my relationship with my mother. It makes me really proud to say at this point in my life, me and my Mom were pretty good friends. We understood each other and knew how to react to each other.

I am so amazingly grateful to have had her in my life. And now the flipside of that conversation.

Being a Dad

So now that my son is 15 and I am holding him super accountable for his schoolwork and chores, he has told me to go to hell. Not in those words, his words were more like, “I’m going to live with my other family.” The words were equally heartbreaking. He hasn’t even spoken to me in almost a week.

I gotta say though, after 7 years of custody court, counselling, trying to work it out with his Mom and indigenous family, I am exhausted. My name has been dragged through the mud, I’ve been told I’m not RED enough to be my son’s Dad, and very subtly pushed out of my sons mind. Even after telling him one night how proud of him I was and that I would cook him breakfast because of the hard work he showed, he still told me he doesn’t think I am proud of him.

I know that I work hard, stay honest and want the best for my son. And I will continue to stand steadfast in my opinions about how I think my son should behave and present himself. But for right now, I have to wait and see if he comes around and wants to talk to me ever again.

Being a business man

Out of my 4 business hustles, my tour company is really taking off right now. We are one of the top rated airbnb experiences in Vancouver with 43 great reviews!

**If you want to book the tour through airbnb you can, but we would rather have you click through and get a better rate on our website, so click here!!

The wedding day coordination company is doing alright, but damn, competition is stiff in Vancouver. I’m really going to need a better marketing plan to put myself ahead of the competition. In the meantime, I have hired my services to ThistleBea Weddings who are keeping me busy this summer. It’s kind of like autopilot for my business right now which is perfect because I’m busy running other businesses.


I do have a few other updates for you, but you will have to wait for another blog post, or sign up for my newsletter and get the full scoop. Sign up is just to the right of what your reading in the sidebar and the newsletter is chocked full of ways for us to help each other out in all of our endeavours wither that be business or personal. Hope you enjoyed catching up with me and I look forward to connecting with all of my readers!

Love ya!!