The 7 Hustles

The Hustles that I talk about everyday are really just the 7 most important facets of my life. They are the things I focus on and spend my time on. They are not constant, they change and they are not limited to 7. It’s more like 13 or some crazy shit like that. But 7 at a time is all I can really handle. Currently they are:

Hustle #1: Being an Ally

I have the privilege of living in a tri-racial family. And being a good parent to my son means rapping my head around what it means to be indigenous in white Canada. It also means wrapping my head around the immigrant experience so that I can better relate to my partner. And as a white Canadian, I am constantly bombarded with the racism that my son and partner deal with on a daily basis. So I try to be an ally to the indigenous population in Canada as well as people of colour.

Hustle #2: Parenting

I was a single parent for a long time. Me and my boy’s mom split when he was 2 and I got primary custody. It wasn’t that simple however, we ended up in court for almost 6 years trying to sort it out. It was the inspiration for this blog. I wanted to share my single parenting experience as a father. I ended up being so busy as a single dad that I never got around to blogging (much). But now that I am partnered up I have enough time on my hands to get to it and share my parenting experiences with you.

Hustle #3: Partnering

Being a good partner is a lot of work. I believe that in order to be a good partner you constantly have to work on yourself and always bring your A game. Me and my partner have been together for 10 years and living together for 1.5 years. We both work hard at our relationship and we want to share some of our struggles with you in order to help others get through their relationship issues.

Hustle #4: Airbnb tours

Recently, one of my good friends called me up and asked me if I wanted to start facilitating airbnb tours of Commercial Drive. I immediately jumped at the offer because sharing my life and neighbourhood is something that comes very naturally to me. And offering tours of the hood I grew up in with authentic stories of how it became what it is brings me so much joy! You can click here to check out our tour company, Vancouver food and culture tours.

Hustle #5: Wedding Day Consigliere

I love to help people. And I don’t like sitting still. So whenever I get ask
d to go to a wedding I also ask what I can do to help. In the last few years I have turned helping into a part time job and title, “Wedding Day Consigliere”. A consigliere is a mafia term describing the Don’s right hand man. He is the person that takes care of all the details so that the Don is free to make the important decisions. In a lot of ways that is the service I provide. You plan your wedding and then hand the dossier over to your Wedding Day consigliere and let me handle all the small details. You can check out that business here :

Hustle #6: Being a Musician

As long as I can remember, I have always loved to play music. I would play pianos, guitars or recorders, whatever I could get my hands on really. As I got older, I began to feel the influence of raw rap music and began writing my first rhymes. At the age of 16 I choose the stage name Dubgee which just kinda stuck with me for the rest of my life. I have never stopped rhyming or making music and more recently have started facilitating beat making workshops with elementary aged children. I have a few albums and mixtapes online for your listening pleasure and you can find them all at

Hustle #7: Running the Beast Van Online Empire

Having these 7 hustles is a lot of work for sure. Especially the online portion of a business which is 99% these days. Between writing blogs and producing content for all of my hustles I almost don’t get a chance to do the actual work of these businesses. But being an entrepreneur is in my blood. I couldn’t do this any other way. So when I say running an online empire what I mean is writing blog posts, updating social media, running contests and administrating all of these businesses. But its fun, I love it and I’m going for broke.

Thanks for checking out the different hustles. If you want to stay tuned to what I’m doing or have a shot at some of these contests just drop me your email in the upper right hand corner of site and we will get you dialled in for sure.

Thanks again.